Moringa Oleifera 120 Caps VEGAN KOSHER


Frequently called ¨The Miracle Tree¨ for its highly nutritional properties with a unique combination of VITAMINS, MINERALS and AMINO ACIDS.


  • Impressive anti-inflamatory properties.
  • 2 weeks treatment takes away GASTRIC ULCER.
  • Reduce MUSCLE CRAMPS. 
    Promotes proper functioning of LIVER and KIDNEY. 
  • Contains more than 90 ESSENTIAL VITAMINS and MINERALS.
  • Contains 18 AMINO ACIDS, 8 of them ESSENTIAL, turning it into a COMPLETE PROTEIN.
  • Contains 46 different ANTIOXIDANTS.
  • Aids in WEIGHT LOSS regulating SUGAR LEVELS in blood.
  • By being properly nourished, BOOSTS the IMMUNE SYSTEM.
  • Helps regulating BLOOD PRESSURE.
  • Protects from OSTEOPOROSIS.
  • Used in AYURVEDA and alternative medicine to cure more than 360 illness. 



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